Mukhtar Ansari found guilty in 3-decade-old murder case of Awadhesh Rai

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Varanasi, June 5: In the 32-year-old murder case of Awadhesh Rai, a Varanasi court found gangster-politician Mukhtar Ansari guilty. The length of the punishment will be released later today.

Awadhesh Rai, a Congress politician and former MLA Ajay Rai’s brother, was shot dead outside Ajay Rai’s residence in Varanasi on August 3, 1991. Security has been increased at court and in critical sections of the city ahead of the decision.

Previously, the Special Court adjourned the case following arguments on May 19, reserved its decision, and set June 5 as the delivery date. In this instance, Ajay Rai filed a FIR against Mukhtar Ansari, Bhim Singh, and former MLA Abdul Kalim.

“Mukhtar was found guilty in the 1991 murder of Awadhesh Rai. The court will issue its decision later in the day,” a lawyer in Varanasi informed reporters. “This is the end of our many years of waiting,” Ajay Rai stated in response to the news. “My parents, Awadhesh’s daughter, and the rest of the family remained patient… Governments came and went, however, Mukhtar kept on rising high on power,” Rai said, “but we did not give up.

Today, the court found Mukhtar guilty in my brother’s murder case, thanks to the efforts of our lawyers,” Rai continued.