Mosques will be razed to make way for temples: BJP leader

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Haveri, June 25: Senior BJP politician and former Karnataka minister KS Eshwarappa sparked outrage when he stated that mosques will be razed to make way for temples.

The senior BJP politician stated that temples will replace all mosques, saying, “Wherever the Mughals have demolished temples and constructed mosques, in all those places we will destroy all the mosques and that temples will come up.” Earlier in April, during his election address, Eshwarappa referred to Azan as a “headache” when it was being performed at a neighbouring mosque.

Speaking to party members in Haveri, the former BJP minister said that the Congress despises Hinduism and that the party would have been destroyed if Muslims had not been present.

“Congress despises the Hindu religion; Muslims are like an extended family to them,” Eshwarappa stated. “If Muslims had not been present, Congress would have been annihilated. Because of the Muslims, the Congress party is still alive and ruling Karnataka.”

In April of this year, Eshwarappa declared his retirement from political politics. When asked if he wanted his son to run for his seat, he said he wouldn’t seek the party’s high leadership to give him a ticket and would stick to the party’s decision to allocate the Haveri seat to other BJP workers.