Modhera’s iconic Sun Temple looks splendid on a rainy day, says Modi by sharing a video on Twitter

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New Delhi, 26 August: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday shared a rare video of the famous Sun Temple of Modhera on social media, saying that the iconic Sun Temple of Modhera looks splendid on a rainy day.

The Prime Minister Modi also shared a 55-second video on Twitter. This video showing the Prime Minister’s love of nature and craftsmanship is seen in the finest specimen of the Modhera Sun Temple sculpture built at Modhera village, 30 km south of Patan, Gujarat. This temple is considered to be one of the oldest temples of the Sun God.

Modi wrote in the tweet- The iconic Sun Temple of Modhera looks splendid on a rainy day. Have a look….

So far, 31.5 thousand people have liked the video in just 30 minutes. The Prime Minister had recently shared a video of the national bird peacock at his residence with the citizens through various mediums of social media.

It is noteworthy that the specialty of the temple is that lime has not been used anywhere to make joints. This Sun Temple is a unique example of unique architecture and craft art. The pillars made in the temple’s ‘Sabhamandapa’ are depicted with exquisite workmanship depicting the Ramayana and Mahabharata episodes in addition to portraits of various deities.