Mass awareness campaign in various cities of America in support of CAA

Los Angeles, January 03: Thousands of youths have started a public awareness campaign in support of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in various major cities of the United States.

After New York, Austin (Texas), Seattle (Washington), hundreds of youngsters will perform in Chicago on Friday with banners and play cards in their hands. Awareness campaign on CAA will be organized by the Indian Heritage and Cultural Foundation(IHCF). The youth say that they are doing public awareness programme by rising above the party line keeping in mind the protection of human rights.

A statement said that one of the aims of this awakening is that some people in India are spreading lies in society to fulfill political objectives and are talking nonsense to straighten their owl. The statement said that leftist and dizzy Muslims in America are also doing the same thing which no one had imagined.

Information Technology(IT) worker Arvind Modini from Hyderabad, who has been living in the US for the last twenty years, has said that giving religious color to this act is even more shameful. He has said that before December 31, 2014, minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan of Hindu, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, etc. are tortured on the basis of religion, then what is wrong if Indian government grants them citizenship? That too when the path of granting citizenship to a Muslim has not been closed due to economic and political reasons.

He further said that there are Islamic governments in these three nations, and why would they torture the people of their own community? In addition to rallies on these topics, seminars are also being organized different places in US to aware the people about the CAA.

In Chicago, the well-known Indian American doctor Bharat Barrai said that the question arises here that in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the governments there are persecuting  the minorities, and these unfortunate people look towards India for shelter. It would be better if advocates of minorities in India do ask to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan that, what they enjoy in harassing the minority population in their countries.

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