Many faults in new Noida Authority building, CEO wants IIT to investigate structural stability

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Noida, 4 Aug: The Noida Authority will request that IIT Delhi investigate the structural soundness of an under-construction office building after the new CEO discovered various faults there, according to a statement.

The Authority stated that the personnel would relocate there after the IIT submits its findings. The Noida Authority’s new headquarters are in Sector 96, on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The long-delayed project began in May 2016 with a Rs 367 crore authorised budget and was originally scheduled to be finished in January 2019.

Given the delay, the deadline for completion has been extended to January 2024, despite the fact that Rs 131.76 crore has already been spent on it through April of this year.

On August 2, Noida Authority CEO Lokesh M, who took over from Ritu Maheshwari last month, examined the office building under construction. “The CEO discovered that there are many flaws in the structural development of the building, such as the finishing of the building, the position of the pillars, the design, and the structural stability is generally not correct,” the authority said in a statement.

“Immediately, the CEO instructed the officials to write a letter to IIT Delhi and send the structural stability report after visiting this building as per the changes mentioned,” according to the statement.

The Noida Authority, which reports to the Uttar Pradesh government, is now based in Sector 6, a crowded business district of the city, but has simple last-mile connection for the public.

According to an official, “the new administrative building in Sector 96 is envisioned to bring all departments and block-level offices of the Noida Authority in the same area, thereby providing relief to the public.”

Pratibha Industries was charged with the new construction job on January 5, 2016, however owing to substandard performance and a 451-day delay, it was blacklisted, after which a new tender was published for the project and ST Constructions was awarded the contract, according to the official.