“Mann Ki Baat”: PM calls upon people to get rid of menace of ‘Single Use Plastic’

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New Delhi, Sept 29 : Calling upon people to get rid of the menace of ‘Single Use Plastic’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that in view of the kind of lead that India has taken towards environmental protection, today the countries of the entire world are looking towards India as a model example.

Sharing his thoughts in his popular “Mann Ki Baat” programme today, Modi said, “It is a matter of pride not only for India but for the entire world today, while we are celebrating ‘Gandhi 150’, our 130 crore countrymen have pledged to be rid from the menace of Single Use Plastic. I am confident that you will all be a part of the campaign for liberation from the menace of Single Use Plastic on 2nd October. In India, citizens are contributing in this campaign in their own way.”

“Groundwork for 2nd October is going on all over the country and also the world over, but we want to transmute ‘Gandhi 150’ as a task on the path of our duty. We want to move forward devoting our lives in the interest of the nation. I would like to remind you one thing in advance. Although in the next episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ I shall dwell upon it in detail, still today I am telling this in advance so that you get time to prepare. You do remember that, 31st October is the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and that ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ is our common dream; hence for that reason, every year on 31 October, we run for fostering unison in the country as ‘Run for Unity’, all over the nation,” he added.

Prime Minister further said, “We have to run for the unity of the country on that day in in large numbers; elders, everyone, schools, colleges, all of us have to run for unity in lakhs of villages across the span of Hindustan. So, better start preparing from this instant onwards! I shall talk about it in detail later, but right now we have time on our hands; some people can begin their practice, whereas some can chalk out a plan.”H