Lucknow: Light rain brings relief from heat in Lucknow, monsoon rain to arrive by weekend

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Lucknow, June 21: People got some respite from the scorching heat due to light drizzle in and around Uttar Pradeshโ€™s capital Lucknow.

However, after a day or two, the weather will clear again and the temperature will rise.

On Tuesday afternoon, the sky suddenly turned cloudy and after that a light drizzle also began. It rained for a short while but still people got relief from the heat and the weather became pleasant. Even after that it was cloudy all day and a light cold wind was blowing.

Lucknow Metrological Center director JP Gupta said that this rain is due to the change in weather at the local level. There has been light rain in and near the state capital. Due to rain, the mercury has dropped by a degree or two.

However, he told that after a day or two, the sky will clear again and there will be strong sunlight.

He further told that there has been a difference of three to four degrees in the temperature. Earlier the temperature of Lucknow was running around 43 degrees, but now it is running around 39.

He told that people will have to wait for five-six days for the monsoon rains.