Love-Jihad: SIT submits investigation report to IG, charges against 11 youths

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In three of the 14 cases involved in the investigation, the women made statements in favor of the accused boys.

No evidence of foreign funding found, no clue of organized conspiracy found.

Kanpur, 23 November: So far, 14 cases of ‘love-Jihad’ were reported in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh in the past, however, in these cases, the SIT was constituted and investigated by the Inspector General ( Kanpur Range) Mohit Agarwal on the raising questions of foreign funding.

The investigation team has submitted the report of all 14 cases to IG Range. In 11 cases in the investigation, police have filed chargesheets against the accused, while in three cases the final report has been put up in the case of adult girls giving statements in favour of boys. After the report of 11 cases, action can be decided against the accused based on their crime.

Inspector General (Kanpur Range) Mohit Aggarwal said on Monday that the SIT was entrusted with the investigation of 14 Love-Jihad cases found in the district and has submitted the investigation report of the case.

IG (Kanpur range) told that the report found that four boys were connected to each other in ‘love-jihad’ cases. These four were also constantly in contact with each other. They tricked girls of other religions and married them. Apart from this, in three cases, the accused boys had implicated the girls in their web by mentioning their Hindu name.

“It was informed that in all cases the possibility of foreign funding was being done, it was also investigated, but no evidence of foreign funding has been traced in the investigation. At the same time, evidence of organized conspiracy has also not come out. In order to marry off girls of other religions, the accused have changed the name and religion of the girls. The law has not been followed in the process of name and conversion,” added Agarwal.  

He concluded that the police will take action against the accused on the basis of the SIT report in which the crime is being proved.