Loudspeakers being reinstalled at religious places, unacceptable: UP CM

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Lucknow, 24 Dec: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has stated loudspeakers are being restored at holy locations in certain areas, months after they were ordered to be removed, a trend he characterised as “unacceptable”.

He instructed officials to take proper action through “prompt contact and discussion” with citizens, according to a government statement.

Yogi Adityanath, who assessed the state’s law and order situation in a meeting with officials from all levels on Friday night, also instructed them to prepare plans for peaceful Christmas celebrations while preventing religious conversions.

“We completed an unprecedented process of removing loudspeakers from religious buildings a few months ago. People spontaneously removed loudspeakers in order to prioritise the wider public interest. It was well received throughout the country,? the release cited the Chief Minister as saying. He further stated that he “experienced that these loudspeakers are being installed again in several areas” during his recent travels.

“This is not acceptable,” declared the Chief Minister, according to an official announcement on Saturday. “Perfect settings should be produced by maintaining constant touch and conversation.” In April of this year, the state government launched a drive to remove loudspeakers from religious buildings.

Later, during a review meeting in May, Chief Minister Adityanath stated that over one lakh loudspeakers had been removed. He had instructed authorities not to reinstall them.

He had stated that religious celebrations should take place within the premises of religious places, that no festival should be held on roads, and that they should not impede the movement of public. Between April 25 and May 1, the state began a campaign to remove unlawful loudspeakers put in religious buildings and to reduce the loudness of other loudspeakers to the permissible limit.