Lockdown to be extended in North Korea, Kim expresses fear of food crisis

Seoul, 16 June: North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un has warned that the food crisis has increased due to the lockdown in the country but the lockdown will be extended further.

Speaking to the media, he said on Wednesday that Kim had opened a discussion on how North Korea should deal with the “current international situation”.

Those assessing the situation in North Korea have so far seen signs of mass starvation or major instability. However, some analysts say that the situation may worsen, which will create a sense of fear among the public.

Meanwhile, the country’s economy is being affected due to the closure of the border in North Korea. The crop was also destroyed by devastating storms and floods last summer.

During a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party’s central committee on Tuesday, Kim urged officials to find ways to increase agricultural production, saying the food situation in the country was becoming alarming. Kim, while calling for the country to be corona-free, indicated that the lockdown would be extended to prevent the spread of pandemic despite the pressure on the economy.

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