Lockdown 5.O Day 9: Effective curb over the spread of coronavirus infection in UP: Yogi Adityanath

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held high level Unlock 1 review meeting at Lok Bhavan on Tuesday

Lucknow, June 09: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that in terms of population, there is an effective control over the spread of coronavirus infection in the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi said that this result of the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the team work in the state has come to the fore. But, we have to be cautious because minor negligence can be fatal.

The arrangements made to provide relief to the weaker sections got better results.

The Chief Minister was reviewing the unlock 1 system at a high level meeting convened at Lok Bhavan here on Tuesday.

He said that the arrangements made to prevent the breakout of lethal virus, strengthen the medical system for its treatment and provide relief to the poor and weaker sections of the society are getting better results.

Referring to his visits to four divisions – Basti, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh and Varanasi during the last two days, CM informed that work has been done in all the areas of the state. As a result, the state is in better condition.

It is very important to take full care during relaxation

The Chief Minister said that the lockdown was strictly followed in the state. Symptomatic corona-infected individuals were kept in hospital. This helped greatly in controlling the infection.

He expressed concern over given relaxations in unlock 1 and said that it is extremely important to take full care during the exemption provided under the currently implemented unlock system. In addition, proper treatment of infected persons is also necessary. Keeping this in mind, effective efforts should be continued.

Public’s trust strengthened in the state government

Yogi pointed out that the steps taken by the state government during the lockdown had a positive impact on the people.

โ€œDuring this period, as a result of the work done by the state government, the public’s trust in the state government has become stronger,โ€ he added.  

He directed that to further strengthen their belief among the needy, the state government is taking all possible steps to fulfill their interests.

He said that maintenance allowance must be provided to all street vendors.

Special economic package should be availed

The Chief Minister said that serious efforts should be made to take full advantage of the Prime Minister’s Special Economic Package to provide employment to the people. Through this package, arrangements have been made by the Government of India to provide loan to track shopkeepers. It has also provided subsidy on timely repayment of loan. There is also a system of incentives on digital payments.

He also gave instructions to make an action plan in relation to providing loans to all categories of people like carpenters, salons etc.

Good opportunity for state government due to less spread of infection

The Chief Minister said that less infection is a good opportunity for the state. With this in view, a comprehensive program should be prepared in the state to create employment opportunities for workers in various departments, provide work to street vendors and provide employment in MSME and large industries.

โ€œFor this, survey should be conducted in relation to employment that can be provided in agriculture and allied sectors, MSME sector and big industries. It should also be found in this survey that how many people can be provided employment for six consecutive months and more. In this regard, software should be developed through which information can be provided to how many people have got employment and how many more people can be employed,โ€ CM directed.

Truenat Beta machines should be made available to private hospitals on demand

The Chief Minister said that the doctors’ families in Covid Hospitals should be regularly informed about the health and recovery status of the patients.

He instructed that regular rounds should be taken by doctors and nursing staff. Special care should be taken of the patients placed on oxygen and ventilator support. Ventilators should be kept functional in all districts. Truenat beta machines made available to the districts should be made functional so estimating the need and demand for TBT machines. Private hospitals desirous of purchasing TBT machines should be made available to them.

He said that the test lab should be operated and the Covid hospitals being set up should be made operational at the earliest while completing the installation work of new testing labs in the districts.

Necessary to strengthen surveillance system

The Chief Minister said that until an effective drug or vaccine is discovered for the corona, prevention of its infection is the cure. In view of this, it is necessary to further strengthen the surveillance system, so that the patient can be taken to the hospital for timely treatment.

He also instructed to keep Quarantine Centres active in every district.

Yogi told that strong surveillance system has played an important role in bringing down the death rate due to communicable diseases in the state. Effective action is needed to bring down the mortality of Covid-19. Under this, infection should be prevented first. If a person is found infected, he should be immediately taken to the hospital and proper treatment should be given. This will prevent death from corona.

Action should be taken against those who do not wear masks

The Chief Minister said that regular patrolling should be done by the police. On following physical distance and Special attention should be given. People should be made aware to wear mask. Action should be taken against those who do not use masks. He also instructed for random checking of vehicles.