Lockdown 4.O Day 5: Corona infection among senior citizens has come down to 6.9 % from 9 % in Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, May 22: The number of active coronavirus cases in the state is now 2,243. At the same time, 3,238 people have been sent back to their homes after being cured completely.

Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Amit Mohan Prasad said on Friday that there have been 263 cases of corona infection in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 138 deaths due to this virus have been reported in the state.

6, 58,982 migrant workers surveyed

Principal Secretary, Health said that among the millions of migrant workers returning to the state, cases of corona infection are also on the rise in them.

As of now 6, 58,982 migrant workers have been surveyed by ASHA workers. Of these, they reported about 764 workers after confirming some symptoms among them, after which testing is being done.

Principal Secretary said that the ASHA workers who are providing such vital information of migrant workers, cases of infection among them are also coming up. โ€œAsha workers are doing a very good job of marking people. Apart from this, the work of ANM and other medical teams is also commendable,โ€ Prasad said.  

He said that the role of village and mohalla monitoring committees is very important in the current circumstances. They should do their job with responsibilities and keep in mind that people sent in domestic quarantine should follow the rules for the prescribed time and they do not leave.

7,249 corona samples tested

Principal Secretary, Health said that 7,249 corona samples were tested in various laboratories on Thursday. Earlier, 6,740 on Wednesday, 7,189 on Tuesday, 6,870 on Monday and 6,247 corona samples were tested on Sunday.

He said that various samples were tested through 928 pools on Thursday. Earlier on Wednesday, five samples per pool were tested through 772 pools. At the same time, ten samples per pool were tested through 65 pools.

Health teams reach 3.49 crore people

Principal Secretary, Health informed that the teams of Health Department are constantly reaching out and surveying people in different areas. As many as 2656 hot spots and 8425 non-hotspot areas have been surveyed in 11,081 areas. So far, 87,141 teams have reached connectivity between 69, 78,009 houses. During this time, 3, 49, 20,368 people have been contacted. Those receiving symptoms were screened.

Decrease in percentage of infection in elderly

Prasad apprised that senior citizens age above 60 years of corona infection are at greater risk. People are constantly being made aware of this. This has resulted in considerable improvement. Until a few months ago, 9 percent of the elderly over 60 years were infected. At the same time, it has come down to 6.5 percent.

More than 29,000 people call on Arogya Setu Alert

He informed that with this, all the alerts that are being received through ‘Arogya Setu’ app are being sent to the respective districts. At the same time, people who have come in contact with the infected people through the control room are calling and giving information about it. So far 29,010 people have been called. They have been advised to be cautious. In case of any type of symptoms, it has been asked to contact the district hospital concerned immediately.