Lockdown 4.O Day 2: 8.85 lakh migrant workers arrived in Uttar Pradesh by 666 trains so far, 11.50 lakh more to arrive soon

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Lucknow, May 19: The process of safe return of migrant workers stranded in various parts of the country amid ongoing nationwide lockdown on account of coronavirus outbreak continues in the state.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of migrant workers in the country. So far, 8.85 lakh migrant workers and labourers have come through 666 trains in the state.

1.32 lakh workers arrived in Gorakhpur by 110 trains so far

Additional Chief Secretary, Home Awanish Kumar Awasthi said on Tuesday that so far 1,32,352 workers and labourers have come from 110 trains in Gorakhpur. So far, 68,969 people have arrived in Lucknow via 55 trains.

Apart from this, 37 in Varanasi, 10 in Agra, 12 in Kanpur, 52 in Jaunpur, 08 in Bareilly, 23 in Ballia, 32 in Prayagraj, 32 in Rae Bareli, 24 in Pratapgarh, 13 in Amethi, 12 in Mau, 02 in Kannauj. 08 trains have arrived in Ghazipur, 22 in Ayodhya, 46 in Gonda, 21 trains in Unnao, 29 trains in Basti and 17 in Azamgarh, Awasthi informed.

4.10 lakh workers arrived from Gujarat by 298 trains

He said that 4,10,584 people from Gujarat 298 trains, 1,99,313 people from 158 trains from Maharashtra, 1,30,561 people from 114 trains have arrived in the state. 07 trains from Telangana, 07 from Kerala, 07 from Tamil Nadu, 02 from Andhra Pradesh, 02 from Madhya Pradesh, 21 from Rajasthan, 03 trains from Goa have arrived in the state with migrant workers and labourers.

11.50 lakh workers will arrive in a couple of days

Additional Chief Secretary Home told that in the next one or two days about 11.50 lakh workers and labourers will come to the state through 914 trains.

He informed that trains have also been run inside the state. Physical distance (social distancing) should be followed in trains and buses.

He said that no one should travel on foot in any district anywhere in the state. The migrant workers should not travel home on foot or by illegal and unsafe vehicle, putting themselves and their family at risk. The government is arranging adequate buses and trains for safe travel for all migrant workers.