Lockdown 3.O Day 6: Employment Guarantee scheme to 20 lakh migrant workers by Yogi government

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Lucknow, May 9: The Yogi government, which is undertaking a challenging task of bringing back the workers and labourers of the state trapped during the enforcement of nationwide lockdown in other states, is now increasingly engaged to provide employment to them.

The government is trying to convert the challenge of 20 lakh migrant workers and labourers into opportunities. Therefore, along with the safe return of workers, it has been planned to provide jobs and employment in villages and towns through the Labour Reform Act.

So far eight lakh migrants have arrived in the state

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a high level meeting with senior officials on this important issue on Saturday.

He instructed to prepare skill data in quarantine centres of 20 lakh workers and coming from other states. So far, 8, 00,000 migrants have reached the state. Around 1, 25,000 people from 80 trains have arrived in different parts of the state in three days.

Migrant workers will arrive daily from 35 to 40 trains

Now 35 more trains are reaching various places of the state carrying migrant daily wagers and labourers. From 35 to 40 trains daily, migrant workers will reach the state. Chief Minister Yogi has given instructions for complete help along with safe and dignified return of all.

Workers to come to Lucknow from abroad on first flight on Saturday

Migrant workers stranded in United Arab Emirates (UAE) will also arrive to Lucknow from Sharjah (UAE) to on Saturday. This flight will ferry workers and labourers from different regions of the state that went to the Gulf Country for employment.

Though, all the migrant workers are being sent to the home quarantine by giving ration packets and maintenance allowance after their health check-ups in the government quarantine centres.

Yogi government first to start bringing his people back to state

The Yogi government was the first in the country which started the process of bringing back its people from other states. Now, the government is arranging their employment and jobs as soon as their time of quarantine period gets over.

Apart from MGNREGA and brick kilns, people are being offered employment in sugar mills and MSME sectors. Those with slight symptoms of the contagious disease are being sent to Covid-19 hospitals for treatment. 9,000 migrant workers were brought from Rajasthan on Friday. 30,000 migrant workers are coming from Haryana by buses of the State Transport Corporation.

Workers will be guaranteed a minimum wage of Rs 15 thousand

With this, the Government is bringing the Labour Reform Law soon to provide jobs and employment to all. This will benefit the migrant workers and will increase the wide possibilities of employment generation. In labour reform, every worker will be guaranteed a minimum salary of Rs 15 thousand along with a job. Along with this, his working hours and security will also be guaranteed.

Security guarantee will be provided for women workers under the Women Safety Act. The Labour Reform Law will be applicable in new recruits as well as in old units.

Strategy to make UP a hub of MSMEs

Along with the business of readymade garments, the government has been involved in formulating strategies on the business of perfumes, incense sticks, agricultural products, food packaging, flower-based products and compost fertilizers etc. The goal of the Yogi government is to make the state the hub of all industries along with readymade garments. The government is strategizing to make China’s large enterprises as well as Uttar Pradesh a better hub of micro, small and medium scale industries than countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam.

53,400 isolation beds have been arranged

Along with this, the Chief Minister while reviewing providing food to the needy through community kitchens at all places, said that it should be continued that there will be no starvation in the state. It should be ensured that everyone gets food through community kitchen.

Meanwhile, in order to expand the capacity of L-1, L-2 and L-3 dedicated Covid hospitals to 52,000 beds, Chief Minister has ordered 53,400 beds till date.

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