Kanpur Metro to be known in country for energy conservation, electricity generated from brakes to be used

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Kanpur, October 08: Under the Kanpur Metro Rail Project, metro trains will operate from the Third Rail DC Traction System. For the first time in the country, a special type of inverter will be installed in the Kanpur Metro with Third Rail DC system, which will enable the energy generated by the brakes of the train back into the system.

The energy efficiency of Kanpur Metro trains will be around 40 to 45 percent, that is, at the cost of every 1000 units of energy, up to 400-450 units of energy will be conserved and reused in the metro system. As of now, there is no such arrangement in any metro project operating on Third Rail DC system in the country.

Anywhere in the country DC energy cannot be reused in the system.

It may be noted that in the Bangalore, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Gurgaon Rapid Metro projects operating on Third Rail DC system in the country, there is no provision to re-use the Direct Current (DC) energy generated by braking of trains in the system.

Due to the lack of the system, none of this energy can be used. This is because the energy generated by the braking of the train in the third rail system is in DC form. While the rest of the metro system runs on alternating current (AC) current.

Special inverter prepared to use DC energy in Kanpur Metro

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC) engineers have made arrangements for above mentioned special inverter for Third Rail DC Traction System, which converts 750 V DC current generated by braking of train into 33 kV AC current again in the system. will make it suitable for use.

Talking in this regard, Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, UPMRC said, “We have always been working under the campaign of ‘Clean Metro, Green Metro’ and we have done many innovations for energy conservation.

“There is a system of energy conservation by the technique of ‘regenerative braking’ in metro projects operating with AC current in the country including Lucknow, but such a system is not there in any metro rail project operating with any third rail system. With the help of this innovation, Kanpur Metro will set an example for all other third rail systems operating metro projects in the country in terms of energy conservation,” He added.