Justice Sudhir Agarwal sets a a new record in the disposal of cases

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Prayagraj, 01 November: Justice Sudhir Aggarwal of Allahabad High Court has set a new record in the disposal of cases. He has set a new record in his 15-year tenure by 31 October 2019, disposing of a total of 1,30,418 cases. Justice Aggarwal is the only judge of the country to do so.

His decisions also include many popular decisions which are a vision in themselves. Justice Aggarwal earned fame by delivering judgment on the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid dispute. In this case, the decision of the Supreme Court is also coming. Apart from Ram Janmabhoomi, Justice Agarwal delivered important judgment on the Shankaracharya Jyotishpeeth controversy.

Apart from this, in the list of the famous cases, the instructions to teach the children of ministers and government officials in the government primary school, directing the government employees to be treated in the government hospital itself, the instructions to free the illegally occupied Nazul land and give it to the government. Several important decisions are included.

Originally from Agra, Justice Agarwal received his undergraduate education from Agra University and he graduated from Law University from Meerut. He started his advocacy career from October 5, 1980. Initially, he practiced in tax matters but soon he became specialized in service and electricity matters. He was also the Standing Council of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation. On 19 September 2003, Justice Agarwal was appointed Additional Advocate General of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and on April 2004 he was named Senior Advocate.

Justice Agrawal was sworn in as Additional Judge of Allahabad High Court on 5 October 2005 and on 10 August 2007 he was appointed as a regular Judge of the High Court. During his tenure of 15 years, he has given many decisions which have been quite popular. Justice Agarwal has always been known for the decisions that give relief to the common man.