IS declares Abu Ibrahim al-Hashmi al-Qureshi successor of Baghdadi

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Los Angeles, November 01: The world’s most feared terrorist group ‘Islamic State’ on Thursday announced the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, along with the name of his successor. According to the New York Times, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashmi al-Qureshi, the successor of Baghdadi, has been declared. He has been among the trusted people of Baghdadi. He is rich or a Khalif. However, this face has so far remained anonymous among Baghdadi’s favorites.

With this announcement, the Islamic State warned the US in an audio recording that “there is no need to be happy with Baghdadi’s death.” Notably, US President Donald Trump announced Baghdadi’s death on Sunday in a tweet. He had said that American forces pursued Baghdadi with their search dogs in subterranean Syrian tendons, and when he found no way to hide until the end, he blew himself up with an explosion with his two children. Trump also said that he died like a dog. Died as a coward.

The Islamic State’s ‘Telegram app’ lamented Baghdadi’s death, stating that he led the group for nearly a decade. Meanwhile, Islamic State spokesman Abu Hassan al-Mujahir was also killed. He was believed to be the successor of Baghdadi. Al Mujahir died on Sunday in an air strike in a northern Syrian village.

The New York Times has written that no one has any public information about Baghdadi’s successor, nor is he officially aware of his real name. Any details about the life of Al Hashmi Al Qureshi have also been circulated by the Islamic State in this regard.