Ink thrown at Swami Prasad Maurya’s car

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Varanasi, 12 February: SP MLC Swami Prasad Maurya faced the ire of Hindu protestors who threw black ink on his car and waved a black flag amid slogans here on Sunday for his comments on Ramcharit Manas.

Some people were standing with garlands at Tengra area to welcome Swami Prasad who was going from Varanasi towards Mirzapur. When his vehicle stopped, they threw black ink and flags. There was also a minor scuffle between the protestors and the police.

Swami Prasad, in Varanasi, said, “The controversial part of Ramcharit Manas should be modified or banned. I still stick to my statement. The Prime Minister and the President have also been informed. Who told you that we opposed Ramcharit Manas. We did not burn any copy of Ramcharit Manas.”

Reacting on the demand of renaming Lucknow as Lakhanpur, he said, “The name of Lucknow is not because of Lakshmana, but after the name of Lakhanavati, the wife of the king of Lucknow, Lakhan Pasi. No one else can come and capture it. If you want to change it, then change the name to Lucknow Pasi.”

“Laxman was not here at all,” he said. “Laxman’s statue has been installed in Lucknow today. Will you change your name after getting an idol? Even today there is evidence of the fort of Lakhan Pasi in Lucknow. If you are not able to name Lucknow as Lakhan Pasi, then name the pride of Pasi community after Unda Devi, who killed 36 British soldiers in Lucknow during the revolution of 1857,” he said.

Swami Prasad also took a jibe at the Investors Summit. He said, “Before the investor summit, it should be asked that how many people were given employment. Everyone will be happy that our state is on the path of development. But, there should be no difference between words and deeds. Your work should also be visible on the ground.”