Indians in US travel long distance to see Narendra Modi

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New York, 21 June: Indian-origin Americans travelled long distances to have a glimpse of their popular leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Huge gatherings of people were seen at New York Airport. People also stood on the roadside to have a look at Modi, who happily waved towards them in acknowledging their wishes.

Noted cardiologist Dr Bholanath Rama (69) along with his wife Sunita travelled for nine hours from Ohio to see Modi. Dr Bholanath said that Modi is the best person to lead India. He is determined to development of his nation. He did not deter to take penal action against [prominent leaders involved in corruption.

Another Indian-American Rashmin S Master reached Washington DC to attend Modi’s felicitation programme. With great enthusiasm, she showed a ticket to the programme. Master (70) said she has been observing the changes brought about by Modi in India. She accredited Modi for raising the image of India in the world.

Modi will address a rally of Indians in America on June 23. A large number of people are striving to procure tickets for the programme to felicitate Modi. Master, after showing the ticket on her mobile phone said ?She is lucky?.

Classical dancer Disha Pandya with her two children reached the hotel, where Modi is staying. She came from Long Island. She wanted to have a look at Modi.

Modi reached New York on his official tour of USA. A large number of Indians in America welcomed him by showing the tricolour.

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