Indian Army deploys Akash Air Defense System on LAC

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New Delhi, 27 June: Indigenously built Akash Air Defense System (ADS) has been deployed along the eastern Ladakh border to respond to any Chinese invasion. The DRDO-built system can detect and bring down enemy combat aircraft 30 km in advance.

The Akash missile is an air-to-surface missile system built by India from a distant surface. It has been developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). This missile system can take 30 km of enemy aircraft. It can target far and 18 thousand meters altitude. It has the capability to neutralize air targets such as fighter jets, cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles as well as ballistic missiles. It is in operational service with the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

A battery of Akash missiles has four launchers each with three missiles, all interconnected. Each battery can track up to 64 targets and attack up to 12 of them. The Akash system is fully dynamic and capable of protecting the convoy of vehicles. The launch platform is integrated with both wheels and track vehicles while the Akash system is primarily designed as an air defense (surface-to-air). It has also been tested in a missile defense role.

The Air Force has already deployed combat aircraft Multi Role Combact, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30S MKI and Jaguar in Ladakh from where Line of Actual Control (LAC) is being monitored.

Combact Air Patrol aircraft are flying continuously.

Apart from this, Chinook helicopters have been deployed to deliver food and logistics to the troops stationed in Ladakh.

In the Eastern Ladakh sector, American Apache attack helicopters have been deployed close to areas where ground troops are stationed.

Apart from this, MI-17 V5 Medium-lift helicopters are also playing an active role in the field of troops and material transport.