India witnesses magnificent astronomical event

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Eclipse started at 10.17 am on Sunday in the morning and was visible at 1.48 pm, maximum visibility till 12.05 pm

Now the next full solar eclipse will be seen in the year 2038

New Delhi, June 21: The entire country witnessed the magnificent eclipse in the sky on Sunday. Although the sky was cloudy at the beginning of solar eclipse or ‘Surya Grahan’ 2020, but later people of Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubneshwar, Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and Shillong were able to witness partial phase of the solar eclipse.

Although the solar eclipse was partial in Delhi, some cities of the country saw a circular eclipse. The Nehru Planetarium of Delhi performed live webcasting of surpluses appearing in India and abroad.

Dr N. Ratnashree, Director of the Nehru Planetarium, said that clouds were seen at the beginning of this amazing astronomical event, due to which people had to wait many times to see the solar eclipse. People from many areas of Delhi watched the solar eclipse with enthusiasm. Many people also made many photos viral on social media, showing their enthusiasm. Delhi saw only 95 percent solar eclipse. The planetarium took pictures of annular solar eclipses at many places through webcasts.

Rectangular solar eclipse seen in these cities of the country

People living in Sirsa, Jakhal, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Tapovan, Joshimath, Anupgarh, Suratgarh witnessed a circular eclipse.

Partial eclipse could be seen at other places. In the annular eclipse, the sun appeared like a ring of fire, and then darkness was covered for some time in those places.

However, the solar eclipse, which started from 9.15 minutes to 3.04 minutes, started from Dwarka in Gujarat and ended at Dibrugarh in Assam.