India to deliver the message of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ to the Security Council for the 8th time on June 17

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Los Angeles 16 June: India, one of the founding nations of the United Nations, will take a position as a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday for the eighth time after eight years. In this 15-member council, ten permanent members are elected every two years, in addition to five permanent members – America, Russia, China, Britain and France.

India’s permanent representative TS Trimurti has expressed confidence that the arrival of the Security Council of India will pave the way for ‘Vasudhev Katumbakam’ ( The World is one family). As per the rules, India will take its place in the council for two years from January 1.

India is the only representative country in the Asia-Pacific region to be elected unopposed.

Similarly, Mexico is also to be elected unopposed from Latin America and Caribbean countries, while two from Western Europe and one from African countries will be elected as representatives.

The United Nations has 193 members, of which 50 are member countries, none of which have yet made it to the Security Council.

According to the rules of the Council, any country can participate in its meeting without franchise, provided its interests are hurt.

At the end of this year, five temporary representative countries South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic are ending their term.

It is also important for India to have a place in the Security Council meeting as a representative country because the United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary and India, as a founding country, will also celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence in 2022.

India has previously been a non-permanent member in 1950–51, 1967–68, 1972–73, 1977–78, 1984–85, 1991–92 and 2011–12.