India Globemaster aircraft arrives with Indian citizens, including foreign nationals stranded in China

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New Delhi, 27 February: On Thursday morning, the special Indian Air Force aircraft Globemaster returned to Delhi bringing back Indians and other foreign nationals trapped in Chaina due to outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

India’s foreign ministry is not only helping Indians trapped in Wuhan, China, but also ready to provide assistance to citizens of any country in the world.

The Globmaster of the Indian Air Force went to China with relief materials and then reached Delhi at around 7 am with 112 people trapped in Wuhan city.

However, out of 112 persons, there are 36 foreign nationals. These citizens are from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, China and South Africa, America and Madagascar. After thermal screening of all these passengers, they have been sent to the Cantonment Camp of ITBP.

At the same time, 119 Indians stranded in Princess Diamond Japan and citizens of 5 other countries have also been brought back to India.

All these passengers have been kept in the army camp at Manesar. All these are being kept under medical supervision and necessary examinations are also being done.

It is worth mentioning that earlier also about 654 passengers were brought from Air India special aircraft from Wuhan city of China. All were kept separately in these two camps for 18 days. All are healthy and have gone to their respective homes.