India-China forces at 170 meters distance from each other at Mukhpari peak

New Delhi, 13 September: The situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the Indian and China border in Ladakh looks like a war. The armies of the two countries are face-to-face at some distance at six disputed places along the border.

However, the tensest situation is on the southern side of Pangong Lake, where Chinese and Indian troops are only 170 meters to the Mukhpari peak and 500 meters to the Rejang Law.

The forces on both sides have mobilized tanks, machine guns and modern weapons near LAC and the strength of the air force is also being increased.

There are 6 main disputed points along the China border, where the two armies are exactly face to face. Most of the conflicts are on both sides of Pangong Lake.

In these areas, India has defeated China in the battle to capture the peaks of strategic heights.

The Indo-Chinese forces are in a firing range of only 170 meters near the Mukhapari peak on the southern shore. This is where China opened fire on September 07 and People’s Liberation Army (PLA)  were marching towards the Indian garrison armed with rods, spears and sharp weapons.

However, India’s Special Frontier Force and Chinese Army are 900 meters away in the Finger Area on the northern shore of the lake.

Apart from this, the Indian Army is in the firing range at Spunggur Gap, south of Pangong Lake. Rejang Law is just 500 meters away from the Chinese and Indian Army, while the Gogra Post is just 500 meters apart between the Indian Mountain Troops and the Chinese Army.

Similarly, tension has increased to the south of Lake Pangong since September 07.

On the same day around 6 o’clock, about 50 the PLA had tried to strategically remove Indian soldiers from the important Mukhpari peak.

Wherein, the Chinese soldiers armed with rods, spears and sharp weapons were marching towards the Indian outpost. The pictures that went viral later also showed that Chinese soldiers had sharp weapons in their hands. When the Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese troops moving towards the Indian post, they also fired 10-15 rounds but the Indian soldiers exercised restraint and drove them away.

This was the first time in 45 years that the incident of firing at the LAC was occured. Since then, China has been preparing a new confrontation at the LAC with the Indian armed forces.

The Brigade-Commander-level talks at Chushul on Saturday to settle the border dispute for nearly five months were inconclusive.

China’s new air defense system is deployed close to the LAC.

Senior officers of the Chinese Army have been continuously touring the forward areas at LAC for 3 days.

The reactionary deployment of China is now visible in areas around Black Top.

Following the action of the Indian Army, the Chinese Army has set up large number of aid camps in the Spanggur Gap.

The PLA has created its new post near the Indian post, near its controlling black top peak.

Meanwhile, China along the border challenged India with Type 15 Light Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, AH4 Howitzer Guns, HJ-12 Anti Tanks Guided Missiles, NAR-751 Light Machine Guns, W-85 Heavy Machine Guns and Anti-Material Sniper Rifles.

China has started mobilizing military forces as well as air bases in areas adjoining the LAC. They built an airbase in Utang area of ​​Tibet, which is just 200 km from LAC. Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter aircraft were activated on the LAC and now it has also started manoeuvres in the plateau region of Tibet with bomber planes dropping atomic bombs.

India has also deployed T-90 Bhishma tanks, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, M-777 ultra light howitzer guns, spike anti-tank guided missiles, light machine guns, TRG sniper rifles at LAC in Jabaw.

Similarly, some such situations are also in the sky. India has deployed Sukhoi 30, MiG 29, Mirage 2000, Chinook and Apache helicopters in the Ladakh region.

In Chushul, Indian Army and Chinese Army tanks are face to face, while the distance between Indian and Chinese battle tanks in Depsang Plains area is just 6 km.

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