In UP schools, ‘Learning by Doing’ campaign kicks off

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Lucknow, 21 July: The Yogi government has launched a ‘learning by doing’ campaign in over 1,700 schools with the purpose of modernising Uttar Pradesh’s education system in accordance with the National Education Policy.

According to a state government spokesperson, as part of this initiative, Basic Education Council schools will be converted into skill development centres where students will get instruction and training in a variety of talents.

The purpose of this course is to strengthen students’ abilities in mathematics and science courses from grades 6 to 8, as well as to introduce them to vital vocational skills and technologies. This will better prepare them for future work opportunities.

The curriculum will be implemented in two upper primary schools from each development block (a total of 1,772 schools) across the state beginning in the academic year 2023-24.

The government has authorised a total of Rs 88.60 crore for the scheme in the comprehensive education annual plan and budget for the year 2023-24, at a rate of Rs 5 lakh per school for all 1,772 schools under the State Specific Innovative Activities.

Workshops will be held to create a module for the ‘learning by doing’ curriculum, which is aimed primarily at technical instructors and scientific teachers. The created curriculum will be implemented in relevant schools by skilled scientific teachers and technical instructors. In addition, technical instructors’ services will be outsourced to ensure the program’s proper implementation.

The National Education Policy 2020 highlights the importance of vocational education in developing a competent workforce.

The goal is to acquaint children in Classes 6 to 8 with basic vocational skills, to equip them with a conceptual knowledge of scientific and mathematical courses, and to build schools as skill hubs. Approximately 60 activities from four trades (engineering and workshop, energy and environment, agriculture, nursery, and gardening, home and healthcare) were mapped to the science and mathematics curriculum for Classes 6?8 under this initiative.