In a viral video, Pakistani army soldiers seen with Taliban fighters

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ISLAMABAD, 25 July: The Pakistani army, which has been continuously helping the Taliban, is now visible in the open. Not only this, now is the Pakistani army violating the international border with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. In a viral video, Pakistani army personnel are seen moving in and out of areas controlled by the Taliban.

In this video, Pakistani soldiers are seen standing with Taliban fighters on Afghan soil in the Spin Boldak area on the Afghanistan border.

However, the Pakistani Army has not issued any statement regarding this video yet. The Pakistani government has removed paramilitary forces from the Afghan border and deployed army personnel.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was quoted as saying that Pakistan Army troops have been deployed at forward positions in place of Frontier Constabulary (FC), Lewis Force (paramilitary forces) and other militias.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that FC Balochistan and other militias working under the Interior Ministry have been withdrawn from border patrolling. He said that after the withdrawal of paramilitary forces, now regular army soldiers are stationed on the border. He said that this decision has been taken in view of the tension arising on the border.