Impeachment process against Trump begins, House Speaker announces

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Impeachment process against Trump

Washington , Sept.25 : The formal process of impeachment against US President Donald Trump has begun. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the process of impeachment against President Trump.

Although the process of impeachment will be completed in the lower house, it is difficult to pass it from the Senate with a majority of Republicans.

Trump is accused of pressurizing Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to launch a corruption investigation against Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son. However Donald Trump has categorically denied these allegations.The impeachment process against Trump is completed in the lower house, even then it is difficult for Republicans to pass the Senate with a majority. To remove Donald Trump from the post of US President, 20 Republican MPs will be needed who will revolt against their President.

Significantly, former Vice President Joe Biden can compete in Trump in the presidential election to be held in 2020 in America. According to media reports, Trump has admitted that he had discussed with Zaidensky about Biden, but the accusations he is facing are false.

The bicameral legislature of the federal government of America is called the US Congress. The Senate and the House of Representatives are its two houses. According to the US Constitution, the process of impeachment against the President can be started after a majority in the House of Representatives. Apart from the President, impeachment can also be brought against the civil officer or the provincial government. Impeachment on any of these is brought when they are suspected of being involved in treason, bribe or any major crime.

If this happens, the Judicial Committee of the House investigates these allegations. The charges are then decided upon consent. Voting takes place in the House on these charges. If the voting is in favor of impeachment, then the article is handed over to the Senate. The Senate then acts as a court and is headed by the Chief Justice of the US.

A manager is appointed from among the senators for the hearing. During this trial, the accused presents his side. After the completion of the hearing of both the parties, the Senate votes on every article of impeachment. In this voting, if two thirds of the members believe the accused guilty then the blame is proved. Then the Senate can sentence them.