If the nature of coronavirus doesn’t change, less possibility of 4th wave in country, Virologist Dr Jacob

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New Delhi, March 19: Experts have advised caution in view of the possibility of fourth wave of coronavirus disease in the country.

Virologist Dr T. Jacob John told that if the nature of corona does not change in the country, then there is no possibility of fourth wave. That is, the possibility of a fourth wave coming is very less.

On the occasion of the release of a book written on polio eradication in New Delhi on Saturday, Dr T. Jacob John said that the third wave of corona is now almost on the verge of ending. Since the new cases of corona in the country are now less than ten percent of the total cases, it is now at the endemic stage i.e. it will now be present among the people. In such a situation, unless there is any change in the coronavirus, the possibility of a fourth wave is negligible.

He said that it is not right to underestimate the possibility of fourth wave. People should be careful.

On the question of booster dose, Dr Jacob said that booster dose is very effective with both the doses of vaccine in fighting corona. Maximum population should also take booster dose.