IAS Iftikharuddin used to reprimand employees for not keeping a beard, tells an employee

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Kanpur, 02 October: New revelations are being made daily in an alleged Islamic video of conversion of Iftikharuddin, a senior IAS of Uttar Pradesh cadre and former Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur.

Meanwhile, the employees made another disclosure that Iftikharuddin was so fanatical about his religion that he used to reprimand the Muslim who did not keep a beard. Not only this, he used to unintentionally harass the employees having the predominance of symbols of other religions.

The truth of the conversion video clip of Mohammad Iftikharuddin that are going viral will be known only after investigation, but the SIT probing it has made sure that all the videos are from the official residence of the then Divisional Commissioner. This made it clear that Iftikharuddin used to call religious meetings at the residence and promote Islam, bypassing the dignity of his office.

Meanwhile, there is equal anger among the people about this and now the employees posted in the Divisional Commissioner’s office are also keeping their exploits in front of the media. It is a different matter that right now there is a fear in him that he is an IAS officer and is avoiding saying on the record. In this episode, an employee told on condition of anonymity that he had tremendous fanaticism towards Islam.

Another revelation is made that the Muslim security personnel accompanying them had made it mandatory for them to have a beard, if any security personnel did not keep a beard according to the rules of the police used to reprimand him severely. Not only this, he used to harass those employees of other religions who were influenced by the symbols related to religion like applying tilak, keeping the top etc.

It is worth mentioning that so far more than 50 videos of IAS have come before the SIT. All these videos have been found in six laptops of the Divisional Commissioner’s residence. All these videos as well as the viral video were investigated by the SIT and it has been confirmed that the then Divisional Commissioner used to teach Islam by meeting with religious leaders in his official residence.