Historic achievement: Count of Tigers in India rises to 2967

New Delhi, July 29 : The count of tigers in India has risen to 2967 in 2018. With almost 3000 tigers, India is today among the biggest and most secure habitats. India will build more homes for our citizens and that the same time, create quality habitats for animals. India will have a vibrant marine economy and a healthier marine ecology. This balance is what will contribute to a strong and inclusive India, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi here today.

On the occasion of Global Tiger Day today, he released the results of the fourth cycle of All India Tiger Estimation – 2018, at Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi.

Modi described this as a historic achievement for India, and reaffirmed India’s commitment towards protecting the tiger.

He appreciated the speed and dedication with which various stakeholders worked to achieve this. He described it as one of the finest examples of Sankalp Se Siddhi. Once the people of India decide to do something, there is no force that can prevent them from getting the desired results, he declared.

Modi asserted that the way ahead is “collectiveness” instead of “selectiveness.” He said that a broad-based and holistic look is essential for environmental conservation. He said, it is possible to strike a healthy balance between development and environment. “In our policies, in our economics, we have to change the conversation about conservation,” he added.

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