Hindi film actor Shah Rukh Khan detained at Mumbai airport, fined Rs 17 lakh

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Mumbai, 12 November: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was stopped at the Mumbai airport in the early hours of Saturday by a Customs team and was questioned for an hour. After paying customs duty, interrogated at Mumbai airport for an hour, fined Rs 17 lakh for the watches brought from Dubai, he was allowed to go home from the airport.

Although Shah Rukh Khan cooperated in the investigation of the Customs Department during this period.

Shah Rukh Khan along with his team went by private charter to attend an award show event in Dubai. He was intercepted by the Customs team in the early hours of Saturday and started searching his luggage on his return in the same private charter plane.

During the search, Baboon and Zurbak watches, 6 boxes of Rolex watches, Spirit brand watches, Apple series watches were found in the bags of Shah Rukh Khan and his team. The customs duty on these watches was not paid. Shah Rukh Khan paid customs duty for these watches along with a fine of about Rs17 lakh.

After that the customs department allowed Shah Rukh Khan, his manager Pooja Dadlani and other team members to leave the airport at 5 am on Saturday.