Gyanvapi survey: Hindu side files another application in Varanasi court to protect temple signs/ symbols, restrict the number of Namazis

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Varanasi, 11th August: In the Gyanvapi Shringar Gauri case, Rakhi Singh, the plaintiff of the Hindu side, has filed another application in the District Court on Friday.

Rakhi Singh, through her advocates Manbahadur Singh, Saurabh Dwivedi and Anupam Dwivedi, has filed an application seeking protection of Hindu symbols in the Gyanvapi campus and limiting the number of Namazies in the mosque.

There will be a hearing on this application in the District Court on August 17 at 02 pm.

Significantly, this application has been filed only three days after the High Court allowed the withdrawal of a PIL seeking a direction to the state government to seal the entire Gyanvapi complex without affecting the ASI survey order.

The petition has demanded that the important Hindu evidence found during the survey commission last year. Muslim parties are harming them. In such a situation, such security arrangements should be made so that no evidence is harmed and the ASI’s survey continues smoothly.