G-7 nations urge China to protect human rights, fundamental freedoms of Uyghurs Muslims, also maintain autonomy of Hong Kong

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New Delhi, 13 June: Leaders of the Group 7 (G7), an organization of developed countries, have urged China to protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Uyghurs minority of Muslims in its Xinjiang province.

The G7 has also called on China to fulfil its autonomy promises regarding Hong Kong.

In a statement issued after the three-day summit held in Cornwall, Britain, it has been said that as democratic countries, we have a responsibility to maintain order in the world according to the rules and international law.

The G7 countries will operate in world politics and economy in line with their shared democratic values.

The statement said that the G7 countries will adopt a collective attitude regarding China’s role in the world economy. They will adopt a common strategy regarding China’s anti-free trade policies and business practices.

The statement opposed China’s anti-market policies and non-transparent practices. Along with opposing China’s policies in the economic sphere, G7 leaders also criticized China’s attitude towards Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

During the summit a Statement on Open Societies was issued which was signed by four additional countries including India in addition to the G7 countries.

In the statement related to free society, it was said that democratic countries have the responsibility to inspire other countries towards democratic values ​​so that rules based world order is maintained.

The statement expressed commitment to human rights and freedom of expression. The statement reaffirmed faith in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Commitment was also expressed about the operation of the democratic system on the basis of free elections and the principle of providing equal opportunities to all without any discrimination.

The statement also recognized freedom of expression and enforcement of the rule of law, including the Internet. The statement emphasized the freedom of the media as well as the freedom of civil and social institutions.