Expedite the rescue and relief operation during the flood: UP Chief Secretary

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Lucknow, Sept 22 : Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari has given stern direction to the concerned Commissioners, District Magistrates and other senior officers to expedite the rescue and relief operation works during the flood.

Keeping in view the heavy rain in Nepal, Madhya Pradesh and others states and also due to release of water in Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers from other states which create flood conditions in Uttar Pradesh, the Chief Secretary said to ensure every measures to save life of human and cattle in the flood effected region and officers posted at district and tehsil level should regularly monitor the condition and ensure necessary arrangements timely.

He also added that because of the potential rain in the upcoming week all adequate arrangements should be ensured to help the effected people.

Referring to the waters released from the rivers of other state which result in disastrous flood condition in Uttar Pradesh should be monitored regularly and necessary precautions should be taken in time.

He also added that the operated control rooms should run 24X7 to help the flood effected people and arrangement of boats for relief and rescue operations should also be ensured timely.

He also said that the flood effected people should be provided with shelters, foods, medicines and necessary medical facilities and the destitute cattle should also be provided with fodder and medical facilities too. He said to ensure appropriate action to compensate the flood effected people within 12 hours.