Driver Danish Ismail Shaikh arrested after Buldhana bus accident killing 26 passengers

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Mumbai, July 01: In the case of a private bus accident in Buldhana district, the police have arrested the bus driver, Danish Ismail Shaikh, by registering a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Nagpur RTO has given a shocking report in this matter. So far, 26 people have died in this incident.

Nagpur Rural RTO Police Inspector Rahul Dhakate said that so far in the investigation, it has been found that the accident did not happen due to a tyre burst but that the bus hit the divider. Due to the high speed of the bus, it hit the divider and its front axle broke, causing the bus to overturn and become unbalanced. After this, the diesel tank burst due to friction, due to which the bus caught fire.

The probe also revealed that heavy vehicles on the Samruddhi Highway were fixed to pass through the third lane while the private bus was plying near the divider. Expressing the possibility of the driver being drunk, Rahul Dhakate said that this should also be investigated.

After receiving the preliminary report from the RTO, the police arrested the detained driver. A case of culpable homicide has been registered against the driver, Danish Ismail Shaikh.

Significantly, the eyewitnesses could not find anywhere that the accident was caused by a tyre burst, as there were no pieces of tyres lying anywhere. There is a possibility of an accident due to the high speed. The reason for this was that the bus reached the Samruddhi Highway at 11.08 p.m., and the accident took place at 1.32 p.m. This bus covered a distance of 152 kilometres in 2 hours, 24 minutes.

When the accident happened, the speed of the bus was 70 kilometres per hour. At present, a thorough investigation of the matter is going on.