Dilip Ghosh’s U Turn: There is no question of implementation of NRC in West Bengal, says, WB BJP president

Kolkata, 25 December: West Bengal Bharatiya Janta Party( BJP) President Dilip Ghosh has taken a U-turn to implement the National Citizenship Register (NRC) in West Bengal. In every one of his public rallies and events before the Lok Sabha elections, he has been saying that NRC will be implemented here to expel the infiltrators living in Bengal. Now after the by-election of 3 assembly seats in West Bengal and the recent defeat of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Jharkhand on Wednesday, when he spoke to the media in Jalpaiguri, in response to a question related to the NRC, the question of NRC does not arise. After this answer, there has been discussion in political circles.

However, he has given clarification on this later and has said that there has been no discussion about when NRC will be implemented. Dilip Ghosh said that it is true that most infiltrators live in West Bengal but there has been no discussion or discussion about when NRC will be implemented for this.

Earlier, while talking to the media in Jalpaiguri, he said that there is no question of NRC. Where NRC is being implemented? NRC has been implemented on the direction of the Supreme Court in Assam. It has nothing to do with the government or the party. The Amended Citizenship Act has passed. It is not related to NRC.

It is noteworthy that there are agitations against the revised Citizenship Act and the proposed NRC all over the country. There have been claims of 15 deaths due to NRC panic in West Bengal. When asked about this, Dilip Ghosh said that no rights or citizenship will be taken from the Citizenship Act. It is not related to NRC. Opposition parties have started to scare people by joining these two together to save their existence.

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