Delhi boy dies in a bachelor party in Thailand , body handed over to the family

Saurabh Sharma

New Delhi, Sep 26 : A 28-year-old youth from New Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar area has died mysteriously in Thailand. A young man named Saurabh Sharma went to Thailand (Pattaya) for a bachelor party with his friends, who was found dead in a swimming pool under suspicious circumstances.

Saurabh, an engineer by profession, was to get married on November 21. He was fond of travelling and used to go around every year. This time he planned to go to Thailand with friends and reached the hotel he had booked. After eating something, Saurabh went swimming. His sudden health deteriorated in the swimming pool after which he was put on ventilator when he was admitted to the hospital where he died after 36 hours.

At the same time, when Saurabh’s father Mahipal Sharma asked for CCTV footage from the hotel, the hotel management refused to show him the CCTV footage. The family members alleged that even after complaining to the police, they did not get any satisfactory response. Saurabh’s family suspects that he has been murdered.

Saurabh ‘s father said, the police told me that Saurabh died on the way to the hospital. If so, why was he kept in the hospital for treatment. Mahipal alleged that if Saurabh died while on the way to the hospital, why did he have to pay for the treatment. He said that when we told the police that he had paid Rs 18 lakh to the hospital for his treatment, the police changed their statement saying that Saurabh died during treatment.

Family members said that Saurabh was going to get married in November and the family was planning for the wedding. In a moment, all the happiness turned into sorrow. It is being told that Saurabh’s mother has passed away 10 years ago. He lived with his father and both of his married sisters. Saurabh’s father has written to the Home Ministry, seeking justice and demanding a proper investigation into his son’s death.

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