Delegation consisted of former bureaucrats, army officers & Judges meets President in support of CAA

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Members in delegation said, protest against CAA is politically-motivated..

Members of a delegation met the President Ram Nath Kovind in support of Citizenship Amendment Act on Friday at Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi, 24 January: A delegation of 10 members in favor of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) met the President Ram Nath Kovind on Friday and submitted a memorandum of support to him.

The delegation consisted of former administrative officers, army officers and former judges. Delegation in support of the CAA met with the President and expressed concern against the ongoing protest against the CAA and submitted a memorandum supporting 149 administrative officials.

Former Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court Pramod Kohli, one of the member in delegation while talking to media after meeting President, said  that protests are going on against the CAA across the country, they are politically motivated. We are all non-political people but responsible people and are as much friendly to the country as those who oppose themselves.

Justice Kohli further  said that everyone has the right to protest but the protest should be in a civilized manner at the identified places. The anti-India talks that are going on inside the country, talk of independence of Kashmir and Assam are not in the interest of the country. It should be discontinued immediately.

He told that those who are making political issue to CAA should think that it is not affecting the common citizen. On the issue of Shaheen Bagh said that according to some reports, money is being distributed to the protesters, what could be more unfortunate for the country.

Former Kerala Chief Secretary Anand Bose, who was involved in the delegation, said that we have mainly said three things.

He said that protest has an important place in democracy but when the tone of protest turns into violence, then problems arise. Secondly, earlier the people in power also gave citizenship to the people who came from these three countries. The present government has taken this concrete step in view of the sentiments of the country. Therefore it should be implemented with adoption. Thirdly, when this law was passed by both the houses of Parliament, it is now the law of the country that everyone should accept.