Covid cases will start falling in the month of May, will be at peak b/w April 20 to 25 in UP, claims Professor IIT Kanpur

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Kanpur, 09 April: The second wave of global pandemic novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly across the country but the Research Director of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has claimed that the Covid-19 infection will start shrinking in the month of May, which is relief news for the public.

โ€œAlong with this, it was also informed that between April 20 and 25; Uttar Pradesh will be at the peak with 11 thousand cases. This wave is such that the faster it increases, the faster it will decrease as well,โ€ Research Director claims.

The Program Director of the IIT Kanpur on Friday, Prof Maninder Agarwal claimed through research that the coronavirus infection is likely to increase in the days to come.

He said that the data of possible corona graph was released through research from June 1 last year to May 17 this year. According to the data, the graph of the corona was seen in real terms till now.

It was told in the research that, from September to October last year, more than four thousand Covid patients were found daily and this has happened. Similarly, around 3300 corona positive patients are coming up during the second wave of infection.

Prof. Agarwal claimed in his research that corona caseload will rise rapidly and the figure will reach about 11 thousand daily. After this, the graph of corona infection will start falling and in the month of May will reach the position of December of last year, that is, the number of corona patients will become almost negligible.

โ€œThis figure is till May 17, during which time the corona will reach the lowest level. It also said that the biggest feature of the second wave of Corona is that the faster the increase, the faster the decrease,โ€ claimed in research.