Covid-19 vaccine: Vaccine development currently takes 10-15 years, but our aim is to develop coronavirus vaccine in a year: PSA Vijay Raghavan

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More than 100 projects are underway to manufacture Corona vaccine in the country.

India’s important role in the world in vaccine production

New Delhi, 28 May: K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India, said on Thursday that India is facing a challenge of developing the coronavirus vaccine within a year, so more than 100 projects are underway. It currently takes 10–15 years to develop a vaccine that costs $ 200 million.

Currently, 30 groups have been involved in developing the vaccine, with 20 groups growing at a good pace.

Work is going on four types of vaccine

Vijay Raghavan told that the vaccine is given to healthy people for protection, hence its quality and safety is thoroughly tested which takes time.

About the process of vaccine formation, he explained that the vaccine is developed in four ways. Genetic things related to the Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) of a virus are injected into humans. Second, in which the vaccine is made with a weak version of the virus, so that the virus is not spread within the human being. Third, the vaccine is developed by applying the protein coding of the corona virus to another virus. The fourth virus protein is prepared and used in the lab. All these four types of vaccines are currently in operation in India.

Take care of five things till the vaccine comes in the market

Raghavan apprised that there is still time for the vaccine to come in the market, so people must take care of five things until the vaccine develops. People have to put on masks, keep hands on sanitizing, follow social distancing, speed up tracking and testing. People can avoid Corona with these five steps.