Covid-19 Updates: Lockdown means ‘Total Lockdown’, says CM Yogi

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Lucknow, April 22: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that lockdown means ‘Total Lockdown’. Therefore, strict adherence to lockdown should be ensured. Stringent action should be taken against those who violate or misuse the lockdown orders.

He has instructed to follow social distance in all conditions in all speed methods.

Those involved in supply chain should also undergo medical examination

The Chief Minister while reviewing the lockdown at a high level meeting at Lok Bhavan on Wednesday said that smooth supply of essential materials should not be interrupted during this period. No one is allowed to misuse the supply chain system.

Yogi said that people engaged in supply chain should also undergo medical examination.

He has directed the officers of the district administration to check the food being provided by the institutions in the community kitchen.

Testing lab to be opened in the divisional hospital at Aligarh, Saharanpur and Moradabad

In order to increase the testing capacity rapidly, the Chief Minister instructed to establish a testing lab at each division headquarters so that a greater number of testing can be done. Aligarh, Saharanpur and Moradabad are susceptible to infection. Therefore, a testing lab should be set up in the divisional hospital with Covid Fund.

He said that to speed up the testing, more and more medical technicians should be trained. Instruments of testing laboratories should be maintained properly.

Private hospitals that spread medical infection will be sealed

The Chief Minister directed to conduct early testing of all pending samples and to take action by sealing private hospitals that spread medical infections, without following the standards and guidelines related to infection safety.

He pointed out that the system being adopted by private hospitals and medical colleges for protection from infection should be supervised by a medical officer to the state government.

He advised that special precautions are necessary to avoid medical infection.

Ventilator facility on every ten beds

The Chief Minister directed that oxygen should be made mandatory for the patient at each isolation bed. Ventilator facility should be available on every ten beds. ‘Chief Minister’s Victim Assistance Fund-Covid Care Fund’ has been created by the state government for the purpose of setting up medical labs and other resources and setting up of testing labs in L-1, L-2 and A-3 category hospitals. Arrangement of medical equipment etc. should be ensured on priority from the funds available in the fund.

Millions of labourers are working during lockdown

The Chief Minister has been informed in the meeting that 12 to 15 lakh workers are working in 12000 brick kilns in the state. About 60,000 labourers are employed in 119 sugar mills. For the first time after a long time there is no problem in relation to the availability of workers in the harvesting of sugarcane and wheat.

Food grains distributed on 3.06 crore ration cards

The Chief Minister gave instructions regarding distribution of food grains that no person should be short of food grains.

He was informed that food grains have been distributed on 3.06 crore ration cards so far against 3.5 crore ration cards. Besides, food grains were made available by making 2.5 lakh new ration cards.

77 percent crop harvested so far

The Chief Minister reviewed Rabi crop harvesting and wheat procurement.

During this, Principal Secretary Agriculture informed that 77 percent of the crop has been harvested so far.

He further told that more than 30 lakh quintals of wheat have been procured through ‘Mandis’ and purchasing centers. Of this, about 62 percent of the purchases have been made at the door step of farmers. This has happened for the first time in the state.

Government will help to send migrant people to their states

The Chief Minister said that if the government of other states decide to call back their people stranded in the Uttar Pradesh due to the lockdown, then the UP government will help in sending them back by allowing it.

He said that the month of Ramadan is beginning. Special care should be taken during this period. It should be ensured that the crowd does not get collected in any way at the time of Sahri and Iftar.

The Chief Minister himself will talk to the students who returned from Kota

The Chief Minister said that the people who have been sent back to their respective homes from the shelter houses and the children who returned to the state from Kota should be informed about the Chief Minister Helpline 1076 to follow the Home Quarantine.

He said that one day he himself will talk to the children who have come back from Kota and will get their wellbeing.

He also directed to provide one small sanitizer each to the secretariat personnel.