Covid-19 scare: 56 markets closed in Lucknow, some opened sans customers

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Lucknow, 16 April: So far, 56 markets in Lucknow were completely closed due to the rise of cases of coronavirus infection. However, the closure of the markets had no visible impact on the general public. At the same time, some shop owners were seen opened their shops in some markets, but there were no customers coming and going.

In Aminabad, where thousands of thousands of people used to come and go every day for shopping, today there was total silence because of the closure of the market. A similar situation was also found in the Galla and Masala Bazaar of Pandaganj.

In the Nakhas market, there was also no movement of buyers due to the closure of roadside shops, besides; big shopkeepers also supported the shutdown of the markets. The market was completely closed in the Chowk area, but the work related to money transaction was going on inside.

The city’s largest Yehiganj utensil market was found open even today. The market was open, but the customers use to come to the market were seen missing. Sensing the situation arising due to rise in the cases of Covid-19, Harish Chandra Aggarwal, president of Lucknow Metal Merchants Association, Yehiganj, has announced a complete closure of the market from 6 pm today.

He has announced that the market will be closed till April 22. According to him, considering the situation on April 22, the decision of the closure can also be decided to proceed.

A similar situation was seen in the wholesale market in Daliganj area. The market was open, but the day-to-day customers were absent.

Fear of the coronavirus infection within the customers has ended the excitement of the markets, its effect was clearly visible in the open markets in Lucknow.