Coronavirus can infect a high proportion of pregnant women, ICMR study

New Delhi, 16 September: Pregnant women are at higher risk from coronavirus infection. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has found in a study that corona infected women require immediate medical attention.

The ICMR conducted this study on pregnant women in Maharashtra in collaboration with government institutions and hospitals.

Mortality rate among pregnant women was 0.8 percent

This study has been done on corona infected pregnant women from 19 medical colleges in Maharashtra.

According to the study, Pune and Marathwada have the highest number of deaths of pregnant women suffering from corona. The mortality rate among corona infected pregnant women was 0.8 percent (34/4203).

The study analyzed data from 4,203 pregnant women taken during the first wave of the pandemic (March 2020-January 2021). It was found that 3,213 corona-infected women gave birth to a live child while 77 suffered a miscarriage. There were 834 such cases in which delivery could not take place. Six percent of the foetus or child died during birth.

According to the results of this study, 534 women i.e. 13 percent were symptomatic, of which 382 (72 percent) were mild, 112 (21 percent) had moderate and 40 (7.5 percent) had severe Covid-19 disease.

However, the most common complication observed was in 528 cases of premature delivery (16.3%). Not only this, 328 cases (10.1%) of hypertensive disorder were found in pregnancy. ICMR found that a total of 158 or 3.8 per cent pregnant women required intensive care. Of these, 96 percent were due to corona.

The ICMR, in its statement released on Thursday, said that the analysis of the data shows that corona can infect a high proportion of pregnant women. Therefore, corona infected pregnant women need to seek immediate medical advice from the healthcare system.

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