Coronavirus ‘B.1. 617’ variant responsible for second wave in the country -Harsh Vardhan

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New Delhi, 13 May: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that behind the rising cases of coronavirus in the country, strain B.1. 617 of the Covid-19 is responsible. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also considered this type of virus a matter of ‘global concern’.

He pointed out that genome sequencing of the virus suggests that the number of corona patients has also increased with the appearance of this B1 617 in the last month and a half. There have been three consecutive mutations in this form of the virus.

On Thursday, Harsh Vardhan reviewed the condition of Corona with the Health Ministers of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Delhi.

On this occasion, he said that Maharashtra has the highest number of corona cases but since April 27, there have been new cases. At the same time, active cases are increasing in Rajasthan and the death toll has also increased to more than 150 daily.

He informed that all the districts of Kerala are witnessing an increase from April 15. At the same time, cases have increased in Karnataka also since March. Bangalore has the highest number of cases.