Coronavirus: 366 Indians coming from China to stay in Chawla and Manesar camps

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New Delhi, 31 January: 366 Indian citizens arriving from China early in the morning on Saturday will be sent directly to the Chawla(Delhi) and Manesar( Harayana) camps.

All these passengers will be kept under intensive medical care for 14 days. Out of these passengers, arrangements have been made to send 280 male passengers to Manesar and 90 women to Chawla camp.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Health said that the situation is constantly being reviewed. With this, Dr. Rajeev Garg, Director General Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been made the nodal officer in this case.

Together, a Whatsapp group of all the camps and doctors, lab specialists and officers of the concerned departments has also been formed in the regard.

Officials of all these centers will be in touch with each other through WhatsApp. Apart from Chawla and Manesar, a 50-beds for serious medical unit has been prepared in Safdarjung hospital for travelers coming from China.