CM Yogi instructs DMs, SSPs to solve traders problem at district level

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The problems and disputes of the traders will be resolved at the district level.

Hearing will be held in all the districts of the state one day in a month.

Interaction program with DM and SSP trade board industry representatives – CM

After the instructions of the CM, the businessmen of the state showed enthusiasm.

Businessmen welcomed this order of CM with open heart.

Lucknow, July 20: In all the districts of the state, now the District Magistrates (DMs) and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) will solve the problems of the traders at the district level.

However, an interaction program will be held with the trade union industry representatives by scheduling one day in a month. Under which, at the district level itself, the problems of all the big and small businessmen will be heard and speedy disposal will be done.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told the top officials in the meeting on Tuesday that this should be implemented at the earliest. He said that all the district magistrates and police captains of the state would conduct dialogue program with the representatives of the trade boards on one day in the month. Ensuring one day in a month for this interaction program, the needs of the traders are resolved quickly on merit basis.

The land disputes of the traders of the state, need of land for starting a new venture, law and order, matters of chaotic elements, electricity, water, cleanliness along with all their complaints will be heard. Due to which all the traders of the state will get direct benefit. With this order given by the Chief Minister, the traders are getting excited. Welcoming this decision of the Yogi government, business fraternity have called this order a good initiative. The traders said that ever since the Yogi government has come to the state, many new works are being done in the interest of the traders.

Traders said that now due to this decision of CM, the traders will get relief due to the resolution of the problems in the district at the stipulated time.

Traders will get relief from CM’s instructions

Rahul Gupta, General Secretary, Lucknow Mahanagar Sarafa Association said that the businessmen will directly benefit from the dialogue program. After the order of the CM, now the DM and SP will directly solve the problems through a dialogue program, so that the challenges faced by the traders can be overcome in a short time. We all welcome this decision with an open heart.

Problems of traders will be resolved on time

State President of Uttar Pradesh Textile Industry Business Delegation Ashok Motiani said that on behalf of my business board, I sincerely thank the Chief Minister, who, paying attention to the problems of the traders, directed the officers to listen. With this dialogue program, the problems of big and small businessmen will be resolved in time. This is a commendable initiative.

The Yogi government supported the businessmen even during the Corona period and stood by them in difficult times. Now this decision of CM will increase the confidence of the traders.