Chinese Companies Blacklisted :Chinese supercomputing entities blacklisted by US

New Delhi/Washington, June 22: The Commerce Department of US, citing concerns of national security and foreign policy interest of US, has blacklisted five Chinese super computing entities related with military applications. These entities are Sugon, Wuxi Jiangnan Institute of Computing Technology  and three Sugon affiliated entities. Wuxi Jiangnan Institute and Sugon are engaged in military related modernisation activities of Chinese army research institute.This blacklisting essentially compels government approval by US companies for entering into transaction with Chinese companies.The US is trying to reduce access of US technology to Chinese Supercomputing entities for next generation developments step by step.

This development has taken place before talks between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping next week to bring the negotiations back on track between China and US. This blacklisting and goodwill gesture by Vice President of US give mixed indications before G-20 summit in Osaka between two heads of the respective countries.

It is noteworthy that the top positions as leading producers of fastest supercomputers in the world have been held by US and Chinese companies. Chinese company Sugon is one among them and it is highly dependent on chip makers of US like Advanced Micro Devices, Intel and Nvidia.

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