Bhopal, May 23: Tuesday evening will be very exciting for those interested in astronomy. A wonderful astronomical sight will be seen in the western sky in the evening after sunset. In it, the sickle-shaped Moon will be seen intermingling with the stars of the Gemini constellation, seen between bright Venus and the red planet Mars.

Bhopal’s National Award-winning science broadcaster Sarika Gharu said that with the end of redness in the evening, Venus would be spreading its glow along with the sickle-shaped moon, while Mars would be above it with redness. Nearby, Pollux and Castor, the twin stars of the Gemini constellation, will also be a part of this meeting. Along with this, the Beehive Star Cluster will also be visible around them.

Sarika told that the distance between these celestial bodies while meeting will be crores of kilometers, but the angle formed by them from the earth will be such that they will be seen meeting each other. Among the stars called twin stars, Pollux is 33 light-years away and an evolved red giant star that is twice as massive as our Sun, while Castor is a blue star 51 light-years away that is 2.7 times more massive than our Sun. According to Roman mythology, Pollux and Castor represent twin brothers.

She told that in this astronomical event, the moon will also be seen near a group of about 1000 stars, called the Beehive Star Cluster. This scene can also be seen in the sky on Wednesday evening, but then the moon will have moved ahead and reached closer to Mars. In this way, the mesmerizing scene of the meeting ceremony of planets, stars and satellites is going to be seen. It can be seen before 10 pm on both the days.