Both Congress and Samajwadi Party are vying for minority vote bank: Swatantra Dev Singh

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Ambuj Tripathi

Akhilesh & team’s speech inflammatory: Swatantra Dev

BJP will tell the truth of Citizenship Amendment Act in UP, campaign will start from 26

Lucknow, 22 December: “Both Congress and Samajwadi Party are vying for minority vote bank. Due to this competition, the Congress party is playing with the security of the country whereas the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party with state. Akhilesh Yadav is speaking the provocative language that Pakistan use to speak. His language can incite a riot in the state”, BJP state president Swatantra Dev Singh said these things during a press conference at the party headquarters on Sunday.

Swatantra Dev said that the BJP will launch various programs across the state from December 26 to January 25 to tell the truth of the CAA among the people to clear the politics of rumor, confusion and lies being spread in the country by the opposition.

SP MPs, MLAs and leaders inflamed riots

BJP state president alleged that SP MPs, MLAs and leaders incited the people to cause arson and riots. โ€œ The culture of SP has been anarchy and misguidance. When Samajwadi Party stays in power, they riot like Muzaffarnagar. The rioters are summoned by helicopter and feed Biryani. They plan to release the terrorists from prison and when sitting  in opposition, they  provoke people and set fire the peace and tranquality of  the society,” said Singh.

Commenting on the questions raised by SP chief Akhilesh Yadav regarding law and order, the BJP state president said that Akhilesh ji, you must remember that power has changed in the state and the system has also changed.

Investment of two lakh crores has landed in the state

On the questions raised about the investment in the state, the state president said that by looking at Akhilesh, he seems to be reading the files of his government. He said that during the tenure of Yogi government, proposals for investment of 4.38 lakh crore came in the state, out of which more than two lakh crore proposals have landed and work on them has also started. He said that Akhilesh ji, sitting on the chair inherited by the ego of power and the hard work of his father, does not know the ground reality.

A political party is not bigger than the country

He appealed to all opposition parties including SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, saying that political opposition is in its place but no political party or power is bigger than the country. Therefore, do not spread illusions and lies to serve your political interests. Do not mislead a community.

โ€œSince the adoption of  CAA, I personally met and interacted with many Muslim religious leaders, Sufi saints and other dignitaries of Muslim society. Everyone says that we are in support of the CAA and some opposition parties are misleading the society to serve their political interest,” said state president.

Seminars, workshops will be organized

He told that the party will organize various programs in the entire state regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act. Under the campaign, social interaction campaigns, dialogues, seminars, registration of refugees and workshops will be organized, as well as through media and social media, we will conduct public awareness campaigns about CAA. A workshop will be held on December 24 at the party’s state headquarters to plan the entire campaign.

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