BJP wins as expected : Karnataka JDS-Congress government’s confidence motion defeated

Bengaluru,23 July : The vote of confidence motion moved by HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) and Indian National Congress(INC) coalition government was defeated in the state Assembly today after a marathon discussion over the same.

Interestingly no member from the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), including BS Yeddyurappa, leader of the opposition took part in the discussion.

HD Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister during his lengthy defense over his vote of confidence motion regretted: Probably it is for the first time that none of the opposition party members participated on the motion of seeking vote of confidence.

He also tendered apology to KR Rameshkumar, Speaker for the recent developments in the state and Assembly. However, he admitted: There’s no doubt that we managed to prolong the deliberations of the house by four days. But the reason for such a strategy was not with selfish attitude and only with a hope that the dissident legislators may rethink about their decision to quit.

HD Kumaraswamy claimed: After the outcome of the May 2018 Assembly elections I had decided to abstain from politics but was compelled to become chief minister of the coalition government although I never intended to join politics.

He also lamented: There is a tendency of accusing HD Devegowda, my father as the fatherly figure in toppling the governments. Let anyone have any opinion about us but don’t talk lightly…

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